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# 1. The Interview

Hello again,
I will talk about my previous interview experiences – what I faced and how I learned.
I am a commerce graduate. I have appeared for many interviews and have faced many rejections.
I used to have very little confidence while going for an interview.
Talking about my first interview experience. In 2011, I received a call from HR working with an MNC company. The interview was scheduled after two days. As soon as that interview got confirmed I started getting millions of thoughts about an upcoming interview.

How will the interview go?Will I be able to answer all the questions?What if I blackout?What if I fumble?And many more…..!!!!

The intensity of anxiety was at its peak.

In two days’ time, I spent 20% time in interview preparation and rest 80% in worrying unnecessarily.
On the final interview day, apart from introduction part, I fumbled in all the technical questions. And you can figure out the result.
This is how my first few interviews went. I slowly started questioning myself, why…

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